Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Darth Megan

*NOTE: I wrote this back in December but the file disappeared and I was just now able to recover it so the dates are screwy but the story remains the same.

A couple weeks ago Susan and Tessa went to Disneyland while Megan and I went along for the ride.  We left early Monday morning and after checking in to our hotel hit the park that afternoon.  Susan loves, loves, loves Disneyland.  For her it is the happiest place on earth and she has been dying to share her love of the park with Tessa so she had her strategy to take advantage of every minute we were there and those two bounced around that big ol’ park like it was a pinball machine.  On the other hand my Meg and I barely got glimpses of them and hollered  “hi” and “how’s it going” to them as they flew past us every 20 minutes or so.  Susan would ask us to head over to a particular ride and get a place in line so we would mosey on over and await further instructions and then move on to the next assignment.  It was near perfection for all of us.  Susan and Tessa wore each other out and did absolutely everything there was to do, and some things four or five times.  My Meg and I laughed ourselves silly watching people while adding commentary (I know, very rude.  Yet very fun).

Yesterday Tyson and Aly got married.  The morning of the wedding was the very first time we had met Aly’s family, actually when we pulled up to the house her father was the only one home so I took to introducing each as they piled out of the van.  When I got to my Megan I said, “This is my Megan, she is the laughter in our house.”  I had never thought of it in exactly those terms but that is exactly what she is   Our family has a lot of fun together and do our fair share of laughing but we only ever reach the zenith when she gets on a roll.  If you don’t know my Meg or have never witnessed her when something tickles her and gets her going, you have definitely missed a treat.  She has a very loud and contagious laugh.  When she gets going there are times when she can’t stop laughing long enough to tell you what she is laughing about.  There have been a million times when she has the whole family totally roaring with laughter and no one but her knows what is so funny.

My personal favorites are those times when I am working in my office and she is in her room with the door closed and suddenly I hear her start to giggle.  Pretty quick she is laughing out loud, then she will burst out of her room barely able to breath, calling me, “Dad! Dad! You gotta see this video.”  That sentence can take up to two full minutes to complete as she hoots, snorts and cackles.  Most of the time I try really hard to keep a straight face like I don’t get it, but it never lasts long because I can’t not laugh when she laughs.
My Megan is a tad nuts, sometimes she can be a little crazy and she is usually up for doing any silly or fun thing.  For example, Tuesday morning at Disneyland she bought herself a Darth Vader helmet with Mickey Mouse ears on it and wore that helmet all day long.  It was hilarious, I laughed and laughed at her and she kept asking how she looked.

She really wanted a Storm Trooper helmet but they don’t have them so she did what she always does, she made the best of the situation and created some fun with it.

I love Megan and not just because I am her dad and that is my job.  She brightens my life.  I love it when tries to tell me what to do like I am a doddering old man, and when she gets so excited the pitch of her voice goes so high only dogs can hear her.  I love it when she cracks herself up.  Megan, thank you for sharing your spirit with me.  I love you.

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